of essential oils

Built in 2020, the distillery is equipped with four distillation apparatuses (cauldrons), each with a capacity of five cubic meters and a cohobation column. On the principle of water-steam distillation, the distillery produces rose and lavender oil.

To extract the essential oils, Robid Essence grows their own arrays of rose and lavender, and invests in buying pink flowers.

The equipment in the distillery is a Bulgarian development. In partnership with local rose growers, the company works to support the establishment of standards in the production of rose oil, supporting farmers and the local population.

Robid Essence offers lavender and rose oil wholesale and provides toll services.


2Tobacco production

The long-term activity of ET Robid is related to tobacco production.

Tobacco is a technical crop used for the production of tobacco products. The seeds are sown in greenhouses or flower beds, and then the finished seedlings are planted in pre-treated fields. For years, the company has provided numerous jobs, thanks to which the crop is harvested, cut and processed by hand.

The company has specialized facilities called dryers, where tobacco undergoes all necessary types of processing to achieve quality wholesale products. ET Robid grows large-leaf tobacco variety "Virginia", which is used by cigarette dealers.

Tobacco growing in Bulgaria has significant social and economic significance, as in the 80s of the XX century our country ranked first in the world in the production and export of tobacco products.


3Grain production

The company is engaged in growing cereals.